Usage reports update

A visual rework of our podcast and streaming reports that includes new information along with usability features.

Usage reports update

We're excited to announce a rework of our podcast and streaming usage reports that includes more information along with new features to make them easier to use.


More CSV: Podcast and stream reports now provide CSV downloads of their overview graph data (the total podcast access and stream concurrents graphs).

Published episodes: Provider and channel podcast reports now show the number of podcast episodes published over the time period. They also include a time-ordered list of all the relevant episodes, with drill-down functionality into the episode reports.

User demographics & behaviour: All podcast and stream usage reports now include the "Age" and "Gender" breakdowns, and for podcast reports the listener drop-off rate (only where available, see the FAQ article.)



Report header: The top header now includes "To" and "From" date selectors to quickly change the time range of a report. A breadcrumb trail is also provided for channel and episode reports to return to their parent reports.


"Technology" Tables: Numerous graphs around user technology (browsers,platforms,etc) have been changed from bar graphs to tables to provide richer information. All these tables are now available as CSV downloads also.

See our updated Usage Reports overview article for details on exact report contents and some examples.