High availability is key to building a strong online listenership. Automated alerts helps your ops team to act fast on service outages.

Our new automated monitoring system runs on all our hosted streams to alert providers when:

- input from the studio stream goes offline,

- the stream remains silent for an extended duration (dead air detection)

Alerts can be sent to multiple emails or Slack web-hooks.

Offline detection

Streaming 24x7 audio over the internet is exposed to a huge amount of failure points, and downtime is inevitable. Most ISP's focus on providing large download through-put and not always reliable uploads.

Our monitor detects when an incoming audio connection is dropped and opens an outage. Automated alerts are triggered a configurable time after the outage has been open. Once the connection resumes, the outage is closed and follow-up alert is sent.

Volume analysis

Being connected does not always mean a stream is valid. Our monitoring tool measures stream volume once per minute and makes a graph available to customers on their stream dashboard.

Volume measured in EBU R128 perceptual loudness units (LUFS).

Silence alerts

Volume measurement can be very helpful to ensure a comfortable loudness for listeners, but is also used to detect extended silences in a stream.

Hardware failure or programming error can easily cause extended dead air on streams. Alerts trigger when a stream's volume remains below a threshold too long.

Alerts: Email & Slack

Email is the de-facto communication standard for businesses all over the world and available on nearly any device.

Clean and concise email notifications keeps ops teams in the know.

Our alerts also support Slack web-hooks, a popular option for team interaction.

Automated monitoring & alerts are included on all our stream packages. Visit our Radio Streaming page to get started.