Current song metadata support for Zetta & Jazler

Our live streaming platform can now receive "Now Playing" song information directly from an RCS Zetta or Jazler RadioStar automation system.

Current song metadata support for Zetta & Jazler

Showing current playing song information is an engaging feature. Our live streaming platform can now receive "Now Playing" information directly from an RCS/Zetta or Jazler/RadioStar automation system.

What is new

Our platform supported uploading of current song information for a long time, but required custom JSON data over HTTP, which added complexity to station setups.

We've worked with some of our customers to add support for the native metadata upload features already available in Zetta and Jazler, two very popular automation packages. Users of these packages can now setup "Now Playing" data in minutes.

How is this used

For customers using our embedded web player, the current song information will automatically be displayed while listening to a stream.

Customers using their own web player or mobile applications can also retrieve this data programmatically. This support article provides details on how data can be sent to our platform and how to retrieve it programmatically.

During stream setup our operations team provides relevant configuration details.

What about other automation systems ?

We would love to add support for all popular automation systems. Please mail us on to let us know which one you would like to see supported!

"Now Playing" metadata support is included in all our stream packages. Visit our Radio Streaming page to get started.